on the road

Our Vehicle Fleet

Sven Braun and the Chinese trucks. Thirteen tractor units, fifteen trailers and a 12-ton rigid with tail lift, our fleet has grown since 1999.
Modern and high-performance vehicles are guarantee for safe transportation and fun driving. 


Anything but standard. The driver must feel comfortable and have fun at work. The truck is not only a working tool but also living space and bedroom.


Also with our trailers, we are prepared for anything.


MeasurementsInternal Length:13,60 m

Internal Width:2,48 m

Internal Height:2,70 m

Payload:25 tons

The all-rounder among the trailers. EDSCAH sliding roof and sliding curtain facilities and provide a quick loading and unloading process. Of course technically on the state of the art, disc brakes, ABS and ESP provide for road safty. Continious perforated strips and tie down points over the entire length allow effective safety even with difficult loads.

Step Frame Jumbo Trailer

MeasurementsInternal Height:2,70 m

Internal Height Lowbed:3,15 m

Internal Length in total:13,60 m

Internal Length Lowbed:9,60 m

Internal Width:2,48 m

Lifting Roof:20 cm

This trailer is called „Stepframe“, a jumbo semi-trailer.
With the use of the extremly low „body“ even cargo up to an height of 3.15 m can be transported. An this within the legal measurements of the whole vehicle on the outside. The lifting roof helps the loading / off loading from the side. For overwidth cargo up to 3.5 m the back metal posts can be extended/ The curtain also can be “stretched” and covers the cargo against rain, high winds and views from the outside.. 

Unser neuer JUMBO-Sattel

Measurements Internal Height:              2,70 m

                      Internal Height Lowbed:  3,25 m

                      Internal Length in total: 13,60 m

                      Internal Length Lowbed:     10 m

                      Internal Width:                2,48 m

                      Lifting Roof:                      20 cm